Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Little Three ...

You are turning one soon.  I know this is cliche, but I really can't believe how fast this year went.   I have felt this overwhelming burden to teach you everything, to protect you from everything, to foresee everything for you.   I don't know ... maybe it the mother-daughter thing, but it is a different feeling than what I experience with your brothers.   There is a bond we share, even now ... this early, because we are both women.  So here are things I want to pass on to you.   Here are things I want you to remember, things I want you to believe deep inside your heart:

Your name means lovable life
we gave you that name on purpose ... your life is special, invaluable and God given.

You are beautiful, 
it is not vain to highlight your exterior beauty, but I pray it is only a reflection of what is inside of you.

You are more than your body,
it is a valuable temple, do not loan it out or share it with a man who thinks more of himself than he does of you.

You are brillant,
God will give you passions; pursue them endlessly. He will never give you gifts or talents and then say you cannot fulfill them for His honor.  I pray you will never experience the pain of being told no because you are female, but if you do, be gracious to them and know that we are hurting with you.

You have been given much,
do not waste it.  Be generous: in wealth, in love, and in forgiveness.  You will never regret apologizing or seeking resolution and healing. Shalom is more than peace ... strive for it with your whole being.

You will experience pain and loss, 
but I pray healing will follow, and at the end of it that your heart will be able to say: blessed be the name of the LORD.

Embrace your femininity, 
both the strengths and weaknesses.  Humbly accept help when it is offered, but know, deep inside, you are fully capable on your own.

Always find your worth and security in God,
no man can meet all your needs or protect you from everything.
Leave him if he thinks he can.

Always remember,
your father and I love you more than you can imagine.  We will fight, we will disagree, but nothing can diminish our love for you and your brothers.

Love, Mom

 P.S. Stay away from fashion magazines,
they are fake, and don't worry about getting your dresses dirty or your pigtails disheveled ... there is beauty in imperfection.